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Client: Devine Limited

Architect: Woods Bagot

Artist: Marian Drew


Waterography – Writing In Light With Water by Brisbane-based photographic artist Marian Drew was commissioned by Devine Ltd for Charlotte Towers, an inner city apartment tower in Brisbane’s CBD.


The artwork is an image of water ripples and surface effects, at magnified scale and integrated into the glazing of the building’s podium façade. The original photographic artwork was created through capturing the effects of water as they set into photo-sensitive emulsion. The work was then transferred into digital format and printed at large scale onto clear film and laminated into the façade glazing.


The work forms a veil for an inner atrium which contains a lap pool for apartment residents. The artwork mirrors the pool’s surfaces inside and both pool and artwork reflect their patterns onto the rear wall of the atrium. At night the atrium becomes a giant light box, illuminating the artwork and magnifying its presence.