art + public space

175 Eagle Street


Client: Charter Hall

Architect: Hassell

Artist: Alexander Knox


Charter Hall undertook to redesign the ground level, with the associated open realm of the commercial office tower, located at 175 Eagle Street in Brisbane’s CBD. Brecknock Consulting was engaged, by Charter Hall, to provide public art advice and project manage the delivery of an integrated artwork feature located at ground level.


Brecknock Consulting developed the conceptual framework; Threading Through - An artwork which inhabits the laneway can stitch itself to the building fabric, embroidering a passage between city and river, threading through the site, for artists to respond too.


The commissioned artwork, by Melbourne based artist Alexander Knox, is titled ‘The carpet of Echidna’


Artist Concept statement:

The granite lane-way wall that runs through 175 Eagle Street would become the site of an abstracted and fragmentary three dimensional frieze of metallic scales. These scales refer in form, pattern and essence to the skin of the once endemic Carpet Python Morelia spilota. These magnificent creatures would have moved through this site with a fluidity akin to the nearby river. The installation is conceived as a hybrid of the natural and the urban. It is at once organic and synthetic and conflates ideas of the primeval and the chic. The dramatic diagonal patterns of these python are of course about camouflage and survival in the wild, but within this ultra urban, open air passage that leads to fine dining and the river, the readings shift. The armorial shimmer of interlocking scales arranged pixel like in bright metallics, play to the luxe and exotic connotations synonymous with reptile skin. Snakes are one of the most ancient and wide spread creatures in mythology and have been associated with some of the oldest stories known to humankind. They ancient Greeks considered them guardians and the reoccurring act of a snake shedding its skin has been symbolically linked with notions of immortality, rebirth and transformation.