art + architecture




Client: Department of Justice and Attorney-General

Architect: Cox Rayner

Curator: Jay Younger

Artists: Eugene Carchesio, Sebastian Di Mauro, Marian Drew, Fiona Foley, Barabara Heath, Judith Kentish, Guy Parmenter, Freye Pinney, Bruce Reynolds, Sandra Selig, Daniel Templeman, Judy Watson, Lilla Watson, Judith Wright


During 2003 and 2004 Brecknock Consulting worked with a team of artists, architects, government officers, fabricators and consultants to bring together a major collection of integrated artworks for the Brisbane Magistrates Court, which is located at 363 George Street, Brisbane.


With a total allocation of $1.7M the project is one of the largest Art Built-in expenditures on a single project. The building was officially opened by the Premier on the 16th of November 2004 and included a total of 14 artworks that reflect the process of the legal system and engage with the architecture of the building.