art + architecture




Client: Meriton

Architect: DBI

Artist: Carly Scoufos


Infinity, developed by Meriton, is a high-rise residential tower located at 43 Herschel Street in Brisbane CBD. The tower, with its 81 levels, is one of Brisbane’s tallest buildings.


Brecknock Consulting was engaged by Meriton to develop and manage the curatorial stages of the project. An art opportunity report was prepared to fulfil the Brisbane City Council’s percent for art requirements. A Conceptual Framework ‘Light Trail’ was developed, ‘Within the practice of public art, there is opportunity to explore the medium of light in real time and space and in a lived environment. Light, in this case, can become the medium of art in a material sense and its form explored through a sculptural installation. The viewing experience is therefore not simply informed by light and the play of light, but directed towards light itself as form and material. Light, given substance and structure, becomes the proper subject of the work, its essence as energy.’


‘Continuum’ a woven bronze wire sculptural work, by artist Carly Scoufos, was selected to be suspended within the tower foyer.


Image Credit: Images courtesy of the artist