art + architecture




Client: Common Ground

Architect: Tectvs

Artist: Joel van Moore aka Vans the Omega


Brecknock Consulting was engaged by Common Ground Adelaide Ltd to join the project team; Architects Tectvs and Project Manager RCP Synergy, to manage a street art commission for the façade of the Mellor Street residential development.


Common Ground is the outcome of Thinker in Residence, Rosanne Haggerty’s time in Adelaide during 2005 and 2006. This led to the establishment of Common Ground Adelaide Ltd with an independent board whose imprimatur is to provide housing to homeless people and assist them back into the community.


Mellor Street, located in the heart of the Adelaide CBD, is the flagship for the next generation of accommodation for homeless people, mainly targeted at young single families, particularly women with children, where there is sadly a distinct lack of safe budget accommodation in the City.


Adelaide based street artist, Joel van Moore aka Vans the Omega, was selected from a curated shortlist of street artists.


Artist statement:
The title of this work is Hemispheres and is a representation of the masculine and feminine. In a perfect world there is balance of the 2 even though they are completely unique they each hold the key to each other. The mother and child represent the 2 hemispheres of the brain amongst the supporting energy of the geometry which is close to mirror but not quite. The child represents the future and is holding the knowledge of past and present which is symbolised by the colourful top he wears. The patterns, geometries and colour all contain information and are keys to a balanced life.