art + public space




Client: City of Prospect

Planning & Design: Jensen Planning & Design

Artist: Warren Langley


Brecknock Consulting was part of the Jensen Planning and Design team engaged by City of Prospect to undertake the initial master planning for the major road corridor of Prospect Road.


Brecknock Consulting provided cultural planning and integrated public art advice to the master planning process. The Master Plan was the recipient of a Commendation – Urban Planning Achievement, PIA SA, 2010. Following the Master Planning process Brecknock Consulting was engaged to curate and project manage the Concept and Design Development phases of the public art commission.


Sydney based artist Warren Langley was selected for the commission. The resulting artwork, which features along the Prospect Road Village Heart precinct, includes subtly changing LED lighting controlled by, and responsive to, the changing temperature throughout the day and night.



Commendation - "Urban Planning Achievement", PIA SA 2010

Winner of the "From Plan to Place" Award and "The Minister's Award for Planning Excellence", PIA SA 2014


Night photo credit: Warren Langley