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Client: Moreton Bay Regional Council

Landscape Architect: AECOM

Artists: Phil Price, Hew Chee Fong & L. M. Noonan, Russell Anderson, Bianca Beetson, Megan Cope and Brad Nunn

In 2010 Brecknock Consulting was engaged by Moreton Bay Regional Council, working closely with the AECOM landscape design team, to develop and deliver a public art program for the Redcliffe foreshore.

A key challenge of the project was to balance a respect for the historical significance of the site and an appreciation of its old-world charm with a celebration of contemporary cultural and environmental significance for the site and for the unique habitat of Moreton Bay.

We developed a conceptual framework for the public art program entitled “Sea Changes” as a means of capturing this creatively evolving sense of place and time and collective shifts in personal and public perceptions. Art opportunities were identified within the various layers of the foreshore experience.

The final artwork program of six artworks includes a significant 12m high wind activated icon, by New Zealand artist Phil Price, an ANZAC memorial (Brad Nunn), two sculptural works (Hew Chee Fong & L. M. Noonan and Russell Anderson) and two foreshore artworks by Indigenous artists, Bianca Beetson and Megan Cope.