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art + landscape-infrastructure




Client: Smec, Abigroup and Dept. Main Roads Alliance Lead

Landscape Architect: Hassell

Artists: Daniel Templeman and Joe Hurst


Tugun Bypass is a stretch of highway which crosses the border between Queensland and New South Wales and traverses a unique coastal wetland area. The intention of commissioning artworks for this site was to express the rich dialogue between built and natural forms and the experience of border crossing.


Indigenous New South Wales artist Joe Hurst and non-Indigenous Queensland artist Daniel Templeman worked with the Hassell design team and Brecknock Consulting staff in a creative workshop process.


Daniel Templeman’s design features on sound barriers as geometric abstractions. His large-scale sculptural work is sited on the state border line and expresses this convergence as a grand abstraction.


Joe Hurst’s designs feature on cutting walls and tunnel approach walls, expressing a relationship with the ancient layers of the dunal landscape and the traditional pathways of Indigenous people.