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Client: Devine (Stadium West Developments Pty Ltd)

Architect: The Buchan Group

Artists: Geoffrey Bartlett, Neil Dawson and Warren Langley


Victoria Point is a large-scale mixed use development located in the Melbourne Docklands south-west of the Etihad Stadium on the corner of Harbour Esplanade and Bourke Street.


Brecknock Consulting was engaged as public art consultants for Victoria Point to curate and project manage the commissioning of three major artworks.


A signature sculpture Aurora by Geoffrey Bartlett stands at the entrance to the main tower building on the corner of Harbour Esplanade and Bourke Streets. This work references the cargo nets once used to load and unload cargo at the docks.


Neil Dawson’s suspended Anchor pays homage to the traditional maritime crafts using modern technologies and materials.


Warren Langley’s glass and lighting sculpture Poise is a vessel, a universal symbol/form that is found in many cultures.