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The weird and wonderful world of Public Art and Culture; projects, trends and cultural inivatives from around the world.


Please note the projects have not been undertaken by Brecknock Consulting.

Artist John Grade creates large-scale sculptures for museums, galleries, and outdoor urban and natural landscapes.


Middle Fork, exhibited at the Smithsonian Museum of American Art's Renwick Gallery in Washington, DC, is a mold of a 140 year old tree. Initially John Grade and a team of assistants scaled the Western Hemlock tree to a height of nearly 28 meters to create sectional plaster molds of the living tree. The molds were transported back to the MadArt space and over the course of 12 months John and hundreds of volunteers helped to create a hollow sculpture of the tree using hundreds of small wood blocks. Photo credits John Grade.



Mexican Neighbourhood turns rainbow

Germen Grew turns Mexican neighborhood into a painted rainbow mural. The group of artists took to the narrow and steep streets of a Mexican hillside town and individually painted the fa├žades of residences and shops. The mural has dramatically changed the character and feel of the city, now the appearance of the neighborhood matches the colorful personalities and culture of the community. All images by Germen Crew.

Light Graffiti

Vicki DaSilva is a light graffiti and light painting pioneer. She has been making single frame time exposure photographs at night since 1980. She is credited with the term "light graffiti" as well as being the first artist to make deliberate text light graffiti photographs beginning in 1980 with ther photograph titled "Cash".


Her photographs are created at night, live and on location. These images are made possible through processes of recording that are unique to photography. The execution time varies in duration from minutes to hours per photograph.


Artist: Florentijn Hofman

Taoyuan (TW) 2014
25 x 16 x 5 meters
Plywood, paint and tyvek

The site specific installation was inspired by a Chinese cultural myth of chang-e and jade rabbit mentions a rabbit making elixir on the moon. The myth is widely associated with the Mid-Autumn and Moon Festival.

The sculpture features a rabbit relaxing on a retired aircraft hangar in the breeze and thinking about its future and dreams.

Florentijn's other projects include:

Artist: Janet Echelman

American artist Janet Echelman reshapes urban airspace with monumental, fluidly moving sculpture that responds to environmental forces including wind, water, and sunlight. http://www.echelman.com

Janet's latest project, 'Skies painted with unnumbered sparks' Vancouver, Canada

Temporary sand artworks

While benchmarking for the Coastal Public Art Master Plan project we are working on for the City of Onkaparinga we discovered these beautiful examples of temporary sand artworks by artist Andre Amador. http://www.andresamadorarts.com/

While visiting Hong Kong in 2013 Richard attended the 'Inflation' arts event.

Inflatable Art - what's all the hot air about.....