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We Are Successful Because Of Our Team

Brecknock Consulting is owned and founded by three experienced and dynamic professionals – Jenson Dobrik, Micah Williamson and Kyle Cho with expertise in different areas of business consultancy. They grew their venture by on boardinglikeminded people for handling operations, business development, information technology, finance and other aspects necessary for smooth running of a business.

Today, we are a company of 300 people with thousands of clients across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and other regions of Australia.Every member of our team was hired through a three-step stringent process that includes a face-to-face interview, complete background check and document verification and one final interview withone of theowners.

Our team is the back bone of the company because they provide support, labour, and passion required for managing the venture in this tough world. They do their best to complete projects on time, meet client expectation and maintain our company’s market reputation. Additionally, our team empowers us against competition and the constant fluctuations of themarket.

Here is an overview of some of the most treasured members of the Brecknock Team.

Suzan Jeremy

Vice President

With over 15 years of industry experience, Suzan is a force to reckon with. She is a Master’s In Business Analyticsfrom University of Melbourne and one of the pillars of our company. Before joining Brecknock 11 years ago, Suzan was associated with some of the top business consulting companies in Melbourne. Her contribution to our company has been exceptional andunmatched.

Niko Alverez

Assistant Vice President

Niko joined our company in 2012with 13 years of experience and a Master’s of Business Administration degree from MGSM Macquarie University. He is a straightforward, solution-oriented and dedicated leader. People under him flourish because he believes in teaching and improvinghis team. Thus, he has contributed to the success of Brecknock tremendously over the years and helped create the dear team we always wanted.

Luna Turner

General Manager

Luna is a wonderful manager and multi-tasker with 10 years of experience and MBA from Monash Business School. She joined the company has senior manager in 2014 and made her way through the ranks to lead our team. She is known for her hardwork,passion for business consulting and finance expertise. Over the years, she has become a value asset of the company.

Mathew Norton

Assistant General Manager

Mathew is a young, ambitious and passionate professional with 9 years of experience & a never-say-die attitude. Hejoined our company in 2014 and since streamlinedinternal processes, communication and operations.His contribution to strengthening the company’s core values and systems has made us a great team and a reputed business consulting in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and other areas of Australia.

Katherine Maxwell

Deputy General Manager

Katherine is a superb Business Analyst with7 years of experienced and a Master of Business Analytics degree from The University of Adelaide. In the last 5 years, she has worked hard to bring our company name and fame. It is under her guidance we have hired and trained some of the best resources in the organisation.

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