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Brecknock Consulting is a dynamic and reputed business consultancy offering planning, strategy, management, and various other services to small business in Australia especially, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Business Planning & Strategy

Get the best business planning and strategy services at our company for a budding or existing small business. We help hotels, restaurants/cafes, entrepreneurs, etc. to plan and strategise to achieve their goals, stability, market reputation and more.

Small Business Start-up Consulting

Have an idea and want to start a new business? Whether it is your first venture or one in a line of many, we can help you get the best start. You can rely on us to provide quality small business start-up consulting.

Business Coaching

Perfecting your business requires training and skills. Therefore, many companies seek our assistance for business coaching. We provide this service to help you accumulate skilled resources and be at part with your competitors.

Internal Auditing

Many companies require an assessment of their internal operations, practices, processes, policies, and methods to improve and grow. We have a team of experienced auditors who can create assessments and provide suggestions accordingly.

Financial Management

Maintain financial stability and security is crucial for any business to operate smoothly. Thus, we offer financial management service for better planning, organising, controlling and utilisation of company funds. This service is important if you struggle to manage your finances & suffering loses.

Operational Efficiencies

For any business to thrive and be successfully its operations must go on effectively and efficiently.Via our serviceyou can ensure the functionality is maintained in your office. Additionally, there is better internal communication, improvement in employee productivity and technological advancement.

Queries We Get

Frequently Asked Questions

We gladly answer questions our clients and potential associates have. There are many ones we get repeatedly and here are some of them answered. If you have questions besides these ones feel free of get in touch with us.

The length of a business consulting project is directly influenced by the needs, challenges, budget, company/team size, and various other aspects of your venture. We listen to your requirement, come up with an assessment and accordingly suggest whether the project would take a few weeks or months.

Business consulting is a diverse field and we offer a variety of solutions at one place to ensure small businesses and entrepreneurs. We can resolve issues related to business planning, management, coaching, internal auditing, financial management and much more. You can get in touch with us to know more.

From start to finish, we outline everything and streamline the process to ensure a project is managed effectively and efficiently.We conduct initial consulting meeting to understand client requirements, host internal meetings for solution development and keep clients updated on results and how we will manage the project before starting it.

Since we flexible and each project we handle is unique, we offer both fixed price and time & materials contracts. It all comes down to the type, length, and other aspect of the project. We like to maintain transparency with our clients and provide them reliable information and options. Therefore, you can ask about the same during interactions.


Our Pricing Plans

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New South Wales

Sydney is an international city with a thrivingeconomy and thousands of small businesses. Thus competition here is fierce which is why having help from industry experts to run your business or start a new one successfully.



Like Sydney, Melbourne is another major city with a strong economy and scope for business. You can start a small business here or acquire an established one. The city is the capital of Victoria and reckoned for its corporate world.



Brisbane is known for its lifestyle, standard of living and stable economy.It has multiple restaurants, cafes, commercial workplaces, hotels etc. Thus, if you have a small business here it is essential you hire consultants to gain an edge.


South Australia

Adelaide is a flourishing city of Australia with a strong corporate base. It has a host of small businesses and we offer business consulting services to several clients here. If you are running or planning to start a business here, get in touch with us now.

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